Yes, it’s time for another Sampler. These are a few highlights from today’s incredible wedding. The album will be ready in about two weeks – we’ll have it posted by Monday the 15th. And what an album this is!




The first thing I noticed when I came into the door is the way the glass cut the light like colourful little prisms. A little bit of spray, and we’ve got a pretty great ring shot. There’s also one with walnuts. Pop by in a few weeks to see that one.




Everyone was excited to dress up, including this little one. She had to feel each dress, presumably to inspect for quality. Having passed the test, she consented in the outfit change.




She looked just amazing but then again, so does our bride!





I love the reflection in the mirror on this one. Specifically, that I’m not in it. Seriously, though, you see a different perspective to this image.




Over at the guy’s house, we had to make sure everyone was dressed up to look perfect. Here, Magnum is shown with his bow tie. Everyone has to look great.




There ceremony went by quickly. It was all a blur, straight to the formals. And we had this to take photos with. Of course, we took full advantage.





With the sun coming in just right, we posed in front of this beautiful old car. I love the headlights.

And guess what? That’s all for now. Well, maybe one more.




As I mentioned, there are many, many more photos to go through. But you have to wait for a little while. They’ll be available before you know it. I can’t wait either to be honest. This is going to be incredible. The full album will be posted in the Draht Photography Blog – so keep your eyes open.

Thanks for reading this far, though. If you’d like keep up, follow my facebook, instagram, twitter, or tumblr . Talk to you all soon!