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When this couple and I sat down to discuss her wedding consult at Starbucks, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I ordered my coffee, shook her hand, and we got right to business. I pulled out my book and starting writing in notes. My scribbles grew more frantic as Kim described her fantastical day. I put down my book and thought to myself, “There’s so much here. How are we going to pull all this off?”

But we did, and more.




Huge shoutout to the Bride and Groom’s friends. What a support group. I would offhandedly mention that I need something cleared out, and five seconds later ten people would be on it. Half way through the formals, some came running along with a delicious home made snacks. Many of the locations were laboriously researched and planned.






And can we talk about these bouquets? The girls ran around barefoot with these. The detail is incredible. And the wreaths?




Even the flower girl had a wreath. Now keep in mind this is a sampler – just some highlights so you know you’re in the right place. Pop by here in a few weeks for the full album. I warn you, this is going to be a big one!





We had a gorgeous old boat, a foresty area, some willow trees. And kids. Lots of lots of kids! Reception was at Mackey house, which always guarantees some amazing shots.




There was even a motorcycle.




And there’s more. There is so much more. Usually I only post four or five photos, but just like our bride, I had to go overboard. But not literally. It was a real risk though.

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