We start our adventure today at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Vernon. I’ve always loved this church, because it’s the church I was born into. I remember as a young child going from class to class in Sunday School.


Our adventure starts at about one-half. I poked my head, and the groomsmen had already put out the decorations. Don Reave welcomed and helped seat the guests.





To my left, we had a groom who was all smiles, ready to to marry his beautiful bride!



And beautiful she was, beaming as she walked up the aisle!




The service was lovely. Pastor Don talked about the importance of marriage being a unique blessing from God, requiring continual fine tuning. It was wise, heartfelt, and of course in Pastor Don’s effortlessly charismatic way, still entertaining.



After, we made our way to the forest for my favourite part, formals. The sun started to shine right through, and brought in a little warmth for our group shots. Although it’s the end of October, we still got a lovely 12 degrees.




And then, some time with the newlyweds!






We had some lovely locations, and perfect weather. I’m especially in love with the colours, the way the yellows and the browns come through.



But keep in mind, this is just a sampler! Some of my favourite photos throughout the day. The full album will be out in a few weeks, and it’s going to have so many fall colours.








And to close, here’s a photo of Larry and Sandy. We talked about finally getting a photo of you two goofballs!



And these two newlyweds as well, married just three years!



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