Photographing this wedding is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. See, about two years ago, our groom contacted me last minute to ask me to photograph his engagement. It’s not often a guy reaches out to me, and it’s even less often that it’s so last minute. We scheduled the shoot for that very evening.



It did extremely well on the instagram. Back then, I had only about 3,000 followers, and I certainly wasn’t prepared for how many I enjoy today! Even so, I loved the colours. Our lovely bride-to-be had a stunning green dress on, with a light coloured top to accent it. Later, when they contacted me for wedding photos of course I said yes. And I’m glad I did – this wedding had a unique set up.



From the very start, she let me know the photos were a priority. Such a priority that the reception would be right after the ceremony. Then, at 5pm, at the start of the Golden Hour, we’d head out and start taking formals. This sounded lovely to me. The highest quality light is the furthest from the overhead noontime sun.



So I arrived completely jazzed. I love photographing weddings more than anything, and a wedding giving ample time for formals is music to my ears. Here, we can see the bride’s dress and the maid of honour’s dress. The bride’s dress has a slight blue tinge, and is custom made by the bride’s mother. There’s pieces from her mother’s dress in there.



The air was a little tense. I refer to this as the calm before the storm. Everyone chats nervously, eats a little, and perhaps there’s a few drinks.



Over on the groom’s side, the bride’s father was busy saving the day. Boutonnieres were pinned at the last minute.



A father’s job is never done. I have great respect for this man. The entire day, he was running around and making sure everything went right to plan. All the while smiling warmly and cracking jokes.



And we made it through. I’m not sure what’s in those smiles, relief or disbelief. Pretty soon though, it was time for the formals and I’d know for sure.



It’s not often our bride can keep it together better than the groom. One thing was clear, this meant a lot to this newly married man. She meant the world to this fellow. The whole time, he was doing everything he could to help her out. Helping her with her dress, brushing her hair back. His one priority was that his new bride feel like a queen.



The moment they were perfectly in sync was when they kissed. He pulled her in with all his strength.



So that’s what I focussed on. I took my photos, and they whispered to each other.



They chatted, as the setting sun soaked into our bride’s hair and dress. The pink took on a peach tone, and the mist danced along the grass.



So that’s all for now. Keep in mind, this is a sampler. Feel free to right click or long press on these images, depending on if you’re on a cell or a computer. I leave my website open for anyone to download what they like. The full album will be done in a few weeks, so I thank you for even reading this sampler!



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