There were a lot of really unreal photos in this set. Grinrod, the whole Enderby area, is one of the prettiest areas in Canada. There are large fields, corn husks, mountains, hills, sheep (No, we didn’t stop and play with the sheep), and then there’s this couple.




We started our adventure in a beautiful little cabin right by the lake. It was stunning. Her grandfather had built the cabin, and he built it with love. There were wood textures everywhere. None of which you’re going to see here, except for that shot above. That’s because this is a sampler! It’s my favourite few photos just so you know you’re on the right page while I spend time working on this album. The photos should be ready in a fortnight. If you’d like to be notified when the gallery is good to go, send me an email by clicking here.




And what a beautiful wedding it was. Our bride was absolutely radiant. Overcome with excitement, later she told me she couldn’t remember much from the ceremony. I sure did though.




The ceremony went quickly. It was heartfelt, under a big old tree in front a much bigger house.




We whipped through the formals quickly. I did some classic photographs that every wedding should have, then jumped into my favourite part. The fun photos. It’s important to note that every bride and groom has their “own” photo shoot. I won’t shoot in a particular way because I’ve had luck with it in the past. Every bride and groom gets their own unique locations, props, poses, and yes, in this case, even smoke bombs. We go all out. There is no photography more important than wedding photography. Every effort must be made to provide the highest quality photos possible.





And before we knew it, the day was over. Just like that. As the sun was setting he, carried his blushing bride into the evening. Full uniform.


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