You’re probably reading the heading and thinking to yourself, “Wait, rubber duck wedding?





Why yes. Because they managed to make an appearance everywhere. In fact, just behind the wedding canoe, the one with the “Just Married” on the side, there was a rubber duck trail. In the gift baskes for the guests. The bride even put together a little gift packet for me. Guess what was in it? A rubber duck, a poncho, and a water bottle. She knew better than me how much I’d need those things.




And this is where our story begins, isn’t it? A church, a ring, and rubber ducks. And this young couple had heaps of energy to spare. Now, it’s important to mention this is a sampler – the whole album won’t be ready for a few weeks! So be patient. It’s going to be a big one, and I refuse to release anything before it’s 100% ready.

Speaking of 100% ready, our girls were 100% ready. But then it started to rain. Hard.




So the girls took shelter in the woodshed, because I told them to for the photo. Look at them being so awesome! And take a look at that rain. It just poured. We got into the boat anyway.




On time, we were ready to go. But we were missing an important part of the wedding! We raced off in the follower boat to grab the groom.





We raced to the church at top speed, coat tails flowing in the wind. What a story.




We made it in time, and the marriage commenced as planned! It started raining heavily, so everyone took shelter in the church. It was on a beautiful remote island.




And then more formals.




These two gave the us everything they could. As a photographer, I really, really appreciate this. I have 400 gigs of photos to prove it. Prepare for a big album folks.




I lit a sparkler to finish the day, and the two enjoyed a romantic dance with a twist and a twirl.


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