It’s no secret Silver Star is one of my favourite places to photograph. So many great locations. Today was one of those days I didn’t let up. Every few hours I grabbed the bride and groom, and we went off to make some more photos. September is one of the best months to get married too – it’s nice and cool, the sunset comes in early, and it’s considered off season.




And would you take a look at that dress! Sadly, it didn’t look quite like that when we finished our day. It did see a lot of action, though.





Some of you may remember this couple from a quick foggy engagement shoot we had some time ago. It did well on the Instagram. Real well. So good I posted another one, right here. And that got 496 likes. Check out the blog entry here.

And now you see why we called this the Scottish Thistle Wedding. Although our groom is German, (You’ll later see in the ring shots), our bride is Scottish. And in every room, everywhere there were some very Scottish touches.




Even these Scottish Terriers made sure to keep a careful eye on our bride the whole time. Here they are, peeking out from under her wedding dress.





There were very dedicated, and they succeeded. She was safe.





The ceremony went quickly. Huge props to the Justice. He did everything right. Everyone was facing out towards the audience, his speech was genuine and heartfelt, and he was fast. It may seem like we have hours and hours to take photos on a wedding day, but it’s never enough time. As I run out of time, I have to sacrifice pictures I want to get. Not this time. This guy is fantastic.




And then, after family formals, my favorite time. A special time when our bride and groom get to run off with me, and we get the photos I’m looking for. I’m always looking for facial expressions. I’ll throw out a few words, then just let them make the pose theirs. These need to be personal, unique. I saw the expression on her face and saw we made it. Just look at those expressions. That’s a beaming bride, and a proud groom. We have a great formal.

But why on earth would I stop there?





Earlier on, at the consult, they told me, “Hey, we’re down for anything. Photos are very important to me.” This is the best thing you could ever say to me. I always push my couples until I feel I can’t get away with much more. These two had energy to spare. So we kept going, until we got our headliner.




And we got it. We got it, and then some. There are far more pictures on my memory cards. I’m downloading and backing them up right now, but these albums require a lot of work. I have to crop, colour correct, and process these images. This takes a lot of time! Two weeks to be exact. I hope you enjoyed this sampler, though. If you’d like to be notified once the album is ready, simply contact me. I’ll send you a link once our bride and groom has proofed the album.

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