September 17th was a bright and sunny day after a week of rain, and that’s a good thing – we had constant sunshine on this beautiful day. This wedding takes place out on Westside Road, which is one of my favourite spots in the whole Okanagan to shoot. You’ll see why soon enough!

We start out, of course, with the details. And we’ve got a lot. Flowers by Vernon Flowers, and the arrangement was just stunning!

The eagle-eyed viewers will start to notice a theme.

This is a backyard wedding, which are quickly becoming my favourite weddings. Instead of hotel rooms, we had huge houses surrounded by thick forest today.

And before long, this fella was ready for his first look.

Over at the girls, we were just finishing up.

We had a first look at Fintry Park. In the huge field with the sun shining through, it was such a moment.

After the first look, we walked into an overgrown shed I had scouted out, which looked a lot better than it sounds.

Back at the house, many of the guests had already arrived. Ring security was on the job, keeping everyone in line.

The ceremony was so much fun. The vows, the expressions, and the guests made it such a memorable time. The sun sank lower, giving the whole scene this unreal backlit glow.

I’m getting really good at group photos.

After the ceremony, we took off to get a few photos before dinner. The sun was low, which makes for angular light. That’s something we’re always look for with photos. The shade makes the images pop, and it’s generally the most flattering light you can get.

We finished up, and headed to the hall. A little known fact is that my favourite two places for receptions is old church basements (I’m not kidding, they’re so photogenic!) and halls with really high roofs. This hall had this incredible old school vibe.

Unfortunately, this is where I’ll have to leave you. This is a just a sneak peek of the festivities we enjoyed yesterday. This sunny day in the heavy forests of westside.

This is quite a large sneak peek, at 62 images in total, but there’s more coming! In about three weeks. If you’d like to be notified when the album is ready, click here to be added to the list.

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