This wedding began by my packing up my camera for the wedding, and heading to Salmon Arm. I was excited to say the least – I had been booked nearly two years before for this special day, and told all the details. One thing that excited me greatly was the venue. ShyLynn Ranch is a photographer’s paradise. As a photographer, if I were to set up a venue, it would be exactly this place.

I hope you like the header image. It was a tough choice. Here’s my other option.



This is the reason why I love big weddings with big wedding parties – it’s a party. We all were laughing and goofing off from the moment I arrived, it was such a good vibe.



So we start with a pretty notable ring. After being given the ring box, I packed it full of willow leaves for this image. Why? because our colour theory is gold and green.


I finished the last of my detail photographs, then headed out to photograph the boys. Before I left, something caught my eye. Our bride had hand-written her vows, in neat rounded script.



Off to ShyLynn ranch I went. The guys were getting ready in a cabin, recovering from an epic D&D session. A rescue gone rogue, from what I understand. Right away, my eye was drawn to the table. Looks like these two had the same thing on their minds.



His writing was a bit more messy. He had spent the morning rehearsing in front of the groomsmen, to make sure the delivery was as meaningful as possible. Normally, in these sneak peeks, I’ve got a tip for the guys reading this. Guys, rehearse your speeches and vows. These things are important.



Cufflinks, a pocket square, pocket watches, and all the things that guys like to accessorize with were assembled. Everyone helped each other out with ties, while I shouted out fashion advice. A tie should never dip below the bottom of your belt, but if it’s a little bit over the belt that’s okay.



In the little preparation cottage at the Ranch, the lighting was dramatic. The mood was somber, we were all sober and aware of the responsibilities each one of us bore. One by one, everyone groomsman found their place on the couch.



In an act of support, our groomsmen physically reassured our groom with their gentle touch.



He looked reassured. I realized we were almost ready for the first look. I thanked everyone, and headed back to girls, in Salmon Arm.




Bridesmaids were everywhere. Everyone had their own job to do, and they were efficient. Westley went from person to person, looking for a bit of attention.



Before long, we had a gorgeous bride. She looked up at the mirror. I know this look. I took a quick photo, then left to lead the groom out to the old willow tree.



He stood there. I mentioned to him, “Is there anything you’d like to say?”



He pursed his lips a little, and shook his head no.



I’d like to say they were both stoic, but the pictures don’t lie. Unseen, to the right, bridesmaids holding up their phones and wiping away their own tears.



It was a moment. They didn’t say much, there were just hugs under that old willow tree. We made plans to head to the ranch, but first, I wanted to stop in the woods for some formals.



The sun was perfect, exactly where I wanted it to be. The haze lifted, and it all came together. Personally, I’m a fan of the flower crown. There’s nothing about this afternoon I’d want to change. We had a lot of fun, and created some great photos too.



Next up, group formals.



This is why I love ShyLynn Ranch. Want a sunny blown out backdrop with the shards of light coming through the trees? Sure, right behind the bridal arch. Or a five minute walk up the road. Or around the bend, right behind the cottages. Want some tall grass? That’s fine, it’s everywhere. Wanna walk through and stomp on it? Sure. It’s wild grass. Wanna lie on it and roll around? That’s what lead me to the header image, actually. This is the only place you could pull off a photo like this.






Before long, we had a freshly married couple on our hands. They smiled at each other all the way up back up the aisle.



I’d love to tell you more about the day, but it’s nearly 3am. There’s a full album coming out in about 3 weeks, though. It’s a wonderful story I can’t wait to put together for you.



I did mean to be finished at 1am, but I might have gotten a little carried away.

This is just a sampler, though, a sneak peek of the photos I capture today. If you personally know the bride and groom, feel free to contact me here. Let me know who you are, along with the bride and groom’s name, and I’ll make sure you get a link to the finished album!

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Thank you for reading this far. I put a lot of time and work into these sneak peeks so it’s great that you’ve taken the time to read this far!


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