ShyLynn Ranch is a dream come true for photographers, especially this one. There’s tall grassy fields, cabins so the families can spend overnight, and fairy lights everywhere. So it should come as no surprise that we had a few photos to choose from for a header image.



We caught the last of the sunset, leading to incredible colours as blue hour approached.



Out of the three, I’m still the biggest fan of the top image. It compliments the day so well. Forests, tall grass, and sunny sky as far as the eye can see.


We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with some detail shots. We should all take a moment to appreciate this ring.



And this dress is perfect. Layer after layer of lace, compete with a cathedral veil.




Back at the cabin, the girls were just getting ready.






At the guys cabin, it was the same story.





Back at the girls cabin, the makeup and hairdressers were finishing up on our ridiculously good looking bridal party. We were almost ready for a first look. Mom read a handwritten card, just for her.









It was time to gather everyone for a first look. We found a shady area on the long path leading up to the road. We were ready.






It was quite evident she loved the look of her soon-to-be-husband in a suit.







We even found some time to take some bridal party photos! Let’s all take a moment to admire these flowers.




The guys were looking pretty dashing too!






I love big bridal parties. It’s always a party .


Back at ShyLynn Ranch, excited guests were just arriving.



The ceremony was indescribable, and beautiful. A gentle breeze kept us nice and cool.



And, quickly enough, it was over.



Our guests followed our bridal party into the barn, eager to pass on well wishes.




However, I had wanted a few more formals. Especially with this pupper.




In the barn, our chefs put the last touches on the build your own burrito stand. I really have to hand it to Basket Case – everything was wonderful. They were over-cooking pizzas and grilling up hamburgers right on site. Like many other guests, I ate myself into a food coma.





I had a plan for the sunset – the official time from Environment Canada for this sunset was 9:03. I planned a sneak away for 7:30. Sun sets can be very dicey, especially with tall mountains like we have in BC. It was my best guess.



Fortunately, we caught it just as it was cresting the mountain.




On our way back, the groom mentioned he loves corn fields. I’m more than happy to oblige.



It was really hard to fight the urge to make this the header image.



Back at the venue, the party was in full swing. During this time, I like to load up my memory card with candids. Sometimes people notice, sometimes they don’t.





Unfortunately, this is where our adventure ends, for now. Keep in mind, this isn’t all the photos. This is a sampler, 55 of the photos taken today. There’s a full album coming out in about 3 weeks, though. There’s dancing, teary eyed speeches, and a lot of goofing around.



This is simply a sneak peek, a selection of a few favourites throughout the day to show you.


If you personally know the bride and groom, feel free to contact me by clicking here. Let me know who you are, along with the bride and groom’s name, and I’ll make sure you get a link to the finished album! If you’d like to keep a picture, even on mobile, just click it and it will open in a separate window. You can save it from there.




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Thank you for reading this far. I put a lot of time and work into these sneak peeks so it’s great that you’ve taken the time to read all this!

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