Enderby isn’t a big town. About 2,964 people live in a large, spread out parcel of land. There’s corn fields, mountains, and a wide river running right through it. So that’s where we begin, on a big property right by the river.

Like many details in this wedding, the rings were unique. Our bride and groom had designed each other’s rings. Before the ceremony, they had never seen each other’s rings.

Earlier, looking around, I realized that a good composite colour theory for this day would be green-blue, so I began looking for these colours. You can see this old tractor fit the bill perfectly.

I knew this wouldn’t be a regular wedding when I walked into the bridal suite – it was a (well equipped!) workshop, complete with table saw, vice, and hooks suspended from the ceiling to suspend the dresses.

Outside, weeks of preparation had paid off. There was a lit path to the dance floor, and edison lights strung up between trees.

The ceremony site had me particularly excited – the tall trees and river made a jew dropping backdrop.

In the fully-equipped workshop, it was time to put on the dress.

And we were ready. Almost.

The dress was lovely in white, but we had decided to dye in a green-blue tinge. I had learned a while ago that smoke bombs tend to dye anything white, so we did that.

It worked amazingly. The colour was barely subtle, just the way she wanted it.

Dad was parked outside, and it was time for the ceremony.

The ceremony was beautiful. He closed his eyes as his bride walked up the aisle, only opening them at the last second.

I don’t usually include two kiss shots, but I had to this time. Look at how great this first kiss is!

Everyone put on a pair of aviators, then it was time to do a burn out. Yup, you read that right.

Pay special attention to that truck on the right – she had built that one right up. Completely restored. It was waxed and just beautiful for the wedding, and that’s why we call this the Ford wedding sampler. It’s a re-occurring theme.

Speaking of themes, that brings us right into bridal party pictures. There were some huge fields nearby, full of corn for cattle I learned. And great for photos!

If you have a truck, I’m going to want to work it into all your bridal party photos. That’s Enderby life.

There were plenty more places for photos though. Edison Lights were strung up over the walkway, and the sun leaked long shards of light through the trees.

Unfortunately, though, this is where I’ll have to leave you. Keep in mind, this isn’t all the photos. This is a quite the sampler though, 45 of the photos taken today.

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