This is a large, stylish, intricate wedding. The ceremony takes place at Summerhill Pyramid Winery, overlooking the blue Okanagan Lake. Formals were just up the road, and then we went for an outfit change.

However, we start at 9:30am. In a bright a beautiful house with a yellow shed in the yard.

Of course, I started with detail shots. Although the weatherman assured us it would be rain, the sun came through. It split the light into a prism for my ring shot.

I encourage you to really zoom into that shot, the ring looked incredible.

We were running a tight schedule, and the girls were committed to punctuality.

Mom helped her daughter with the dress, then outside to my favourite yellow shed again for a bridal portrait. Everyone cheered us on. They were a very encouraging group!

At Pyramid Winery, guests had already arrived. It was a full house, the fullest I had ever seen it.

He was beaming at her as she walked up the aisle. It was apparent they were both trying not to cry.

As you can see, they were pretty jazzed to be hitched!

Next came my favourite time, formals. After family photos of course. The sun was filtering through the trees. giving us a dreamy backdrop. Of course, we addressed this event with the seriousness only reserved for the most formal of events.

That looks like photoshop, but it’s not. It’s all in camera! Next, some photos of these two lovebirds.

Unfortunately, this is where I’ll have to leave you today. This is just a sampler, 30 of the photos taken today. So a pretty big sampler! It doesn’t feel like 30 images, does it?

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