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The Wild Wilderness Sampler August 17, 2017 / Wedding A few folks told me I was crazy to drive a few hours out of my way to Mable Lake just for a small 8 person wedding. Those people would be wrong. It was extremely fun, and I got to take a shot I've bee... READ MORE The Midnight Wedding Sampler August 13, 2017 / Wedding The ceremony was at 9pm, up in the Coldstream area. We did actually stay out till midnight. It was an incredible amount of work, but it was so rewarding too. As a photographer, we look for the light. ... READ MORE The Lake Country Celebration Sampler August 13, 2017 / Wedding A lot of people consister Kelowna to be the prime wedding destination, but they're missing out on a jewel of the Okanagan. Lake Country has more wineries than you can shake a stick at, and is right on... READ MORE The Victoria Lane Vineyard Sampler August 8, 2017 / Wedding Most days, you'll find me in Kelowna or Vernon shooting a wedding. Every now and then, though, someone takes advantage of the included location bonus in my Gold package, and I pack up and head somewhe... READ MORE The Smokey Wedding at Lone Pine Ranch August 8, 2017 / Uncategorized I've grown into weekday weddings. This is a monday wedding, to nearly finish off an epic weekend. Check my facebook page to see what I mean. I'm always elated when I hear I'm going to be working with ... READ MORE From Sanctuary Garden to The Eldorado Sampler August 6, 2017 / Uncategorized   Two of my favourite Kelowna venues, the always incredible Sanctuary Gardens, and the classic Hotel Eldorado. There's a reason so many wedding planners and photographers recommend these venue... READ MORE The Silver Star Summit Sampler August 5, 2017 / Wedding I'm calling this one the Silver Star Summit Sampler. That's because we took a chairlift to the top of Silver Star, then hiked our way down for the wedding formals. I recommend every bride do this, alb... READ MORE The Kamloops Country Wedding Sampler July 30, 2017 / Wedding These two contacted me about a year ago for their Kamloops ranch wedding.  It is a little bit of a drive, but the venue seemed interesting. We sat down at Starbucks to start our planning process, and ... READ MORE The Magic Wedding At Summerhill Sampler July 23, 2017 / Wedding This wedding was at Summer Hill Winery, in Kelowna. Many of you will remember this couple from a very special engagement shoot a year ago. Since then, we've been in constant contact. Talked back and ... READ MORE The VW Bus Wedding at the Lavender Farm Sampler July 16, 2017 / Uncategorized Our adventure begins in Kelowna, in a family owned lavender farm. I've been shooting weddings for a good long time, and so there's not many brand new venues to me. These usually off limit locations pe... READ MORE