This is about a small, socially distanced wedding in Cherryville, BC. It was a remote wedding, out on a small and charming farm. The road isn’t one that will appear in your GPS.

I’ve been excited for this wedding for months. We had decided to keep it going, but downsize it dramatically. I’m proud to say that our group made at least as much noise as 300 people, but that would be getting ahead of myself.

We start the day with detail shots – rings, dress, and flowers.

We had a special guest keep extra close watch over the flowers.

Over at the guys house, they were just getting ready. I came in time for a photo of the groom to be. Our wardrobe choice? Airy blue tee shirts, perfect for the hot summer day ahead.

Back at the girl’s house, I had just met a house guest who hugged everyone. It was lovely, because that’s the kind of cabin it is. Personal touches everywhere, it was a log home, filled with life and people.

Upstairs, the dress had just been steamed. Our amazing bridesmaids got together to dress up our bride!

The ceremony was outside, in the rather spacious front yard. The sun just behind them, we could spy cows out in the pasture. The ceremony was beautiful, with hand-written vows, and a lot of tears.

It’s no secret how much I love big wedding parties. This was a BIG wedding party! Fortunately, we had a LOT of space. And my favourite, a lot of forest!

That puppy hung around us the whole day. He’s just part of the wedding photos now.

And then, my favourite time. Some time with the bride and groom! We made our way up to the road to Gold Panner Campground. I photographed a wedding there last year, and ever since have been wanting to come back to it. There’s lush trees, cool air coming up off the creek, and some spiffy hiking trails!

Back at the house, we were bustling with energy. We had family photos, group photos, and and INCREDIBLE dinner.

Unfortunately, this is where I’ll have to leave you. This is one heck of a sampler, at nearly 40 photos! However, you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the full album.

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